Product Name: Textrade Queen Inner Spring Pillow Top Mattress in a Box

One of the comfortable beds available today is the pillow top mattress. If you are planning to purchase one, it is very essential to check thoroughly the kind of sleeping surface offered by these mattresses and identify if it is comfortable even after a long time of using. The Textrade queen size mattress is one of the pillow top mattresses that are rapidly becoming popular these days.

After your stressful day of meeting with your demanding boss, screaming kids and bearing with rush hour traffic, nothing will relieve stress like bathing in your warm Jacuzzi and lying down on a comfy and nice mattress. The Textrade queen size may be the one you are searching for as this is a comfortable and soft mattress that comes in a very reasonable price. This queen size mattress consists of eleven inches high internal spring mattress along with foam pillow on top that measures 2 ½ inches. It has an approximately 1,000 of pocketed coils as well as a border wire on its perimeter in order to avoid the sagging of the edges.Textrade Queen Size Mattress

Textrade Queen Size Mattress Review: Product Features

  • Queen size mattress from Textrade inner top design has a spring pillow use with bed frame platform or other frames centrally supported.
  • Built with 1000 15gauge hard steel coils for slight motion disturbance as well as body support along with border wire all over the perimeter
  • Plush two and ½ inches thick pillow upper layered 20 denier foam: the mattress is covered with Damask quilted fabric
  • Vacuum sealed and compressed for shipment, built-in wheels and handle on the box for effortless mattress relocation
  • Measures 80 inch L by 60 inches W by 11 inches H- 5 year limited warranty
  • 100% made of polyester

Textrade Queen Size Mattress Review: Pros

No one can beat the Textrade queen size mattress when it comes to the comfort and convenience you obtain from this top spring mattress. It is incorporated with coil spring to give you undisturbed rest even as you turn and toss. You can obtain this queen size mattress in a very reasonable price. It is also easy to move and stress free to set up.

If you open and unpack the box of queen size mattress, the mattress itself fills with air and rapidly takes on its original size and shape. The pocketed coils are adjustable in order to support the body and function to minimize motion disturbance to provide a good night sleep. If you lie down and sleep on this queen size mattress for the very first time, you will discover how comfortable and soft it is, making it appropriate for your guest room.

Textrade Queen Size Mattress Review: Cons

The queen size mattress is quite expensive, but with all its special features, it is worthwhile paying several dollars in exchange of the comfort and durability that it offers.

Textrade Queen Size Mattress Review: Customer Reviews

As for the customer reviews regarding Textrade queen size mattress, the product received 4.1 out of 5 stars. If you are in a tight budget, this mattress is recommendable as it is super soft, comfortable and supportive. This is the reason why many families love this amazing bed.

Textrade Queen Size Mattress Review: Conclusion

Nowadays, most people avoid purchasing a brand new mattress due of it having a high price and the fear of quality as well. The Textrade queen size mattress is not just a reasonably priced mattress, but it is also a mattress that provides comfort that will give you a good night sleep.