I have started to set up my new work shop this morning and I am going to have to figure out what the cost are going to run me to do what I need to do. I have a dust extraction system priced out right now and I am trying to work out how to best fit it in to the building. Of course the shop is 24 feet long and 15 feet wide and it is pretty much packed with machines when I have it all set up. The idea is going to be to set up one big dust removal system and hook it up to all of the stuff in a sequence. Of course that means you want to run a big duct system and you have to use a lot of power. So in fact I am sort of thinking that maybe I want to run the blower system through a hole in the wall and set up a separate chamber to house the noisy stuff.

Of course my shop is going to be noisy no matter what, but that blower is not going to be doing anything that it really needs to be inside the shop for and I would probably be able to sound proof a separate little room for it. I was thinking that maybe I could make it look like an outhouse, just for laughs. Of course the neighbors probably would not be all that amused by the idea. In fact I might not be joking about putting an outhouse back there. It is about forty feet from the shop to the house and so it is going to be annoying to have to go in the house every time the call of nature comes on you. It would be a lot easier to put one in the shop.