I have started looking for a new driving job and hoping to catch on with this company that my pal from the Pub was telling me about. He was saying that he knew this place that paid pretty well if you were able to do the qualified part of the chauffeur hire in Bristol. Of course you need to know the city in order to get a job as a hack driver so it is going to be necessary for me to pass the test I suppose. I have started to study that and looking at how hard it is. Of course it is not really as difficult here as it is in London. There they have a really strict set of rules and you have to really know a huge area. It is not as though Bristol is that big of a place. You can learn the way around it fairly easily and it is not like it is going to take a long process to learn it.

I have seen them talk about the process of becoming a cab driver in London and that is a very involved process. They make it in to a highly skilled occupation. Of course if you are a good driver who really knows his stuff you can probably make a really good earning. The best cabbies are going to be able to take you any place you want to get very quickly and they are not going to be cheating you obviously. It is not something where you need to do that if you are good at it. Of course in New York they just let any fool get a cab license I suppose, but in many places it is a very highly regulated job and is something that is skilled too.