memory foam mattressMemory foam, believe it or not, is relatively old. Originally created by NASA from polyurethane, this material expanded into commercial use in the padding industry first for sports equipment, padding sharp areas, and as protective padding. NASA used this material to improve the safety of aircraft cushions. NASA moved this invention into the public domain in the 1980′s, allowing for somewhat rapid commercialization. However, its use was not widespread at first due to its cost and difficulty in the manufacturing process.  There is a link at the bottom of this post for more about NASA and memory foam.

Memory Foam Density

There are two types of memory foam: high density and low density. Typically, density refers to how closely packed the material is. NASA originally used high density memory foam as it reacted to heat to mold to a certain shape. Later, low density memory foam was created that molds to a shape when pressure is applied. This low density memory foam is what is used in memory foam mattresses today. You can buy memory foam mattress of all sizes: single, double, twin, queen, king, and California king. Memory foam is also even being used in couches chairs.

So, whats better? Well, memory foam has properties that are ideal for mattresses. It has a consistent reaction to pressure across the entirety of the bed due to it being the same material all throughout. Unlike traditional box-and-spring mattresses, memory foam doesn’t have a padding layer and a “support” layer. The support is the foam. This means that the pressure you feel is the foam molding to your body. In traditional mattresses, the pressure you feel may be different depending on your proximity to springs and coils within the inner part of the mattress. Memory foam also disperses your weight evenly across the mattress and quickly absorbs sudden shocks. Memory foam does not typically wear out in the traditional sleeping locations. You also won’t be awoken by any spouses due to movement or different sleeping schedules!

These properties also lead to significant health improvements. Many people with back pain cannot get comfortable on traditional mattresses due to the weight of their body creating tense spots for their muscles. Memory foam attempts to relieve this through better weight dispersion and different densities to find greater comfort levels. Memory foam also responds to all sleeping positions — any position becomes comfortable because the mattress responds to your shape!

You can read a bunch more about the awesomeness of NASA and memory foam  here  and if you want to know the best memory foam mattress on the market or read the reviews please check, it is one of the best memory foam mattress reviews websitesPrepare to be overwhelmed! We’ll be discussing more positives and negatives to memory foam in subsequent articles, so stay tuned.

Memory foam mattress topper reviews

Enough to buy a quality mattress, and he will be arranged under all bends of a body, will ensure the correct position of the spine in any posture sleep: on the back, on his side, on the abdomen.This property – to provide a physiologically correct position of the spine – called orthopedic. Here we give some examples of memory foam mattress topper reviews.memory foam 1

In addition to properly support the spine, the latex mattress should not compress the sleeping man during sleep. Otherwise, disturbed peripheral circulation, leading to numbness parts of the body. Taking into account the memory foam mattress topper reviews, you can make the right choice.

Creation elastic, but at the same time delicate support, name anatomic a mattress. For the cheapest products absolute synthetics is usually used. Mattresses of an average price category are upholstered by a material where a clap contains to 80 %, and synthetic is added for durability. Special materials are applied to exclusive models with the improved properties. As apply materials with addition of sea seaweed or fabrics with bamboo fibers.

Technical fillers do not affect the orthopedic and anatomical properties. They serve as spacers between the spring block and soft layers of the natural latex mattress, improve ventilation, provide padding between the layers of latex. Using knowledge of the memory foam mattress topper reviews, you can advise your friends to buy a true mattress.

For increase of orthopedic effect manufacturers of latex foam mattress constantly improve the independent spring block. Widely distributed model with multiple zones of hardness. Horse hair  in quality filler possesses super elasticity, that is very good force of return and high-springing effect. The horse hair perfectly passes air, well absorbs and evaporates moisture.

Soft fillers – natural latex, various types of polyurethane foam and synthetic latex. Natural latex has a light yellow color and oily texture, and artificial – a grayish-white.

Popular, despite the high cost, soft-filled viscoelastic foam is the memory effect. This material receives and retains the shape of the body.memory foam 2

To make the mattress hardness and elasticity as a filler manufacturers use coir. Coir – specially treated vegetable fibers that do not absorb moisture, rot and beautifully restore its shape after the load.

For a covering of latex mattress topper, covers and mattress pad uses durable fabrics, often with jacquard weaves, can withstand a greater load and daily friction. In products of high level, fabric necessarily become impregnated antiallergenic, antibacterial, dust-and waterproof compositions.
On this we want to finish my story about the memory foam mattress topper reviews and wish you good luck with the choice of mattress.