When my daughter told me that she was getting married, I was elated. My baby girl had finally grown up and found a partner for life to be happy with. But as the day itself grew near, I began thinking about how I needed a bit of a makeover due to being the mother of the bride. I needed to find a beauty salon in Bristol that could do an excellent job on a person like me who is older, overweight and sort of frumpy. I needed to look as good as I possibly could for my daughter on her wedding day. I wanted no part of embarrassing her by looking like a slob on that day.

I used to be pretty. I knew I was, and other people told me the same. I didn’t spend time capitalizing on it or anything, but it was simply something that I was aware of because of how often I heard about it from others. I think the only really positive thing about it was that, unlike how many women feel very negative about themselves when looking in the mirror, I was simply neutral or pleased at times. But beauty fades, and it can be hard to come to terms with the way you look if you lose that beauty.

I let myself go when my looks disappeared. It no longer seemed necessary to wear nice things, get a haircut, dye my hair or even put on makeup. I began wearing old tshirts and shorts most of the time. I also just pulled my hair back and pinned it up without wanting to deal with styling my hair. I figured that I shouldn’t even bother. But I found a nearby salon, and the person who cut my hair made me look so good that I found my inspiration for taking care of myself again.