Working for a real estate development company has been a dream come true. I followed my father into the business 15 years ago. He had always hoped that I would follow in his footsteps, and he was quite pleased and proud of me when I did. Right now, I have been flying around the world when we do property launches, and I just attended a new property launch in Singapore weeks ago.

The nice thing about Singapore is that I love it there. It is a wealthy state located in Asia. If you want to live in the lap of luxury, there are many places to do that. Residential growth is high there right now, as it has been for the last ten years. Many wealthy business people move there. This has allowed us to specialize in building luxury condos in high-rise buildings.

I frequently get to stay in the residences that we build. And the work that our employees do is impeccable. The place I stayed in last week is a two story love and it is about 2,000 square feet in size. At night, you can gaze out the window and look over the city lights. The unit that I stayed in has a balcony, so I spent many nights sitting out there relaxing and taking in the view. The bright lights remind me somewhat of the many lights that can be found in Las Vegas.

I volunteered to fly out there any time that is needed since I like the area so much. Many of our other executives prefer to stay state side as much as possible. I personally like to see as much of the world that I can, and I find seeing and doing new things to be a wonderful thing. I love the food there. I love the people and the shopping, too.