Years ago when I was in school to become a teacher I thought I would have one job with a university and work it until my retirement. Well, it did not quite turn out that way. There are temporary teaching jobs, jobs to teach a single course and those substitute positions to fill in for tenured staff that may be out on sick leave or something else. I found myself looking at the education job board about every two years until I finally found the job I really wanted to keep about six years into teaching full time.

Some jobs came right after another without me searching for them. I referred to them as teaching gigs since they were short term. Those were mostly substitute and temporary positions. Some were for teaching a single course for a single semester. Then I might stay at the school under a different contract to teach a different subject for another semester. I really wanted a position I could tenure at. It was not my ability, degree or grades that was holding me back. It was a flooded market for my subject area. There were more teachers than there was a demand.

I was not going to take a permanent position at a low salary. I valued myself more highly than that. I held out while continuing to make a good reputation for myself. Universities asked me to stay, but they would only offer a lower salary than what I would accept. Finally I found a position posted at an education job board at a place I had worked at in the past. The human resources department was now run by the head of the department I taught in. The person knew my work ethic and my ability to teach and hired me over the phone. I did not even need to formally interview! So, if you are struggling in the workplace, be sure to leave a good example of who you are at each place you work. Times and situations can change.