I never thought I would get into the financial shape that I did. I also didn’t expect to get injured and lose my job, which is what caused my financial hardship. I understand why my boss couldn’t keep me on, since I was not able to do the work. It was hard to find a job that could replace the income though, because it was a really great job. Days turned into weeks, which turned into months, of being late on bills, and I knew that it was finally time to contact a Sacramento bankruptcy attorney to see what my options were.

I did not want to have to claim bankruptcy, but I also did not have the ability to pay anymore, through no fault of my own. Looking back, I shouldn’t have taken out so much credit, between a mortgage, credit cards and a car loan. However, I did not expect to lose my job. I thought my income would just keep going up! The attorney that I met with was very helpful and explained all of the options that I had available to me.

It came down to one of two options for me. I could either have all of my debt cleared with a Chapter 7 filing, or I could just have my debt reconfigured so I would still pay what I owe, but on a payback timetable that was more affordable for me. Even though that was the harder of the two options for me, it was the one that I felt most comfortable with too. That was several months ago, and life has certainly gotten more pleasant since I can now meet my obligations. I could never have done this on my own, and I am extremely thankful to my attorney for everything he has done to get me where I am today.