I was really happy when my daughter told me she wanted to take lessons in horse riding. I had done the same when I was her age, and it was something that I really enjoyed. Though I have not been on a horse in many years, just talking about it brought back all of happy memories of when I used to ride. When her lessons started, she really excelled, and she told me she wanted to have her own horse a few months later. I told her we would start out smaller and look at equestrian clothing and accessories first, and then work our way up to the bigger purchases of a horse if she was still interested later on.

I knew that we would be able to continue using the horses at a stable that one of her friend’s parents own, and I even went out with her to see if it was something that would come back to me, which it did. I thought that we would be looking for clothing just for her, but I knew that we would both need breeches and jodhpurs as well as shirts and boots if we were going to do this together.

I honestly don’t know if it was my daughter’s interest in horses that sparked mine back up or if was just the time we were able to spend together doing something we both love. It really doesn’t matter though, because we both enjoyed riding as well as our time together. We were able to do it in style too because of the equestrian clothing we bought at a website devoted to selling products related to horses. We also bought some horse rugs and other accessories from this site, because yes, we are going to be getting two horses of our very own now.