When my husband was offered a major promotion, it did mean that we would need to move to Cardiff. He suggested that I start looking online at different homes so we would be able to do this as quickly as possible. I did an online search and that is how I found Harry Harper estate agents. I had heard of them, but I had not ever needed their services before now. I went to their website, and I found the home that we now live in within minutes. I honestly didn’t think it would take too long to find something for our family, but it shocked me just how quick and easy it was.

I was able to look only at homes that were in the price range that we were looking at. I had the option of looking at properties for sale or rental properties also. We knew that we were going to be here probably for the rest of our lives, so I looked at the houses for sale. I was even able to filter how many bedrooms I wanted, which really helped since we needed at least three. We have two daughters, and I did want them to each have their own room for the sake of privacy as they got older.

The house we ended up getting was on the second page of results. It has four bedrooms, which is perfect so we can have a guest room as well. Even better, there is a lounge and sitting room, a bathroom as well as a shower room. The garden in the back is a nice sized one, and the price was well below what we had planned on spending. Using Harry Harper estate agents to find our new home was the easiest way to go about finding a new home, and we were able to move in quicker than any of us expected.