So I have been thinking about my Dad and the fact that he is going to keep getting older. Of course he is all about independent living and it is going to be a really big pain if it comes to be time that he has to live with any of us. He talks about how he was taking care of himself and his sister when he was just 14 years old, but of course that is not something that really matters now. It is important to him that he is on his own and not counting on other people. Of course like any one he has a limited amount of money. It is not like he spends his money foolishly, but there is probably going to be a limit to how long his is going to last him. Of course he has a pension, but that is only going to go so far and it is not as though it is an enormous sum of money.

My sister and my brother in law have been talking about this for some time and it is obvious that Dad wants no part of living with them. He wants to have his own place and thinks that he is going to be able to take care of it. Of course it is a small place with a tiny yard. He used to have a bigger place when it was the whole family, but once that was gone there was no more need for all of that. So he moved in to this place and it is going to be his retirement home. Of course the place still needs to be taken care of just like any other residence. Stuff will need to done or the place is going to fall to pieces on him.