I have decided that I am going to try my hand at growing some cannabis. It seems like it could be a good recreation and maybe I will really enjoy it. I have always enjoyed gardening and such, and so I do not see this as being any different. I am going to try to figure out where to get a good deal on some high quality cannabis seeds so that I can start growing soon. I do not want to skimp on the seeds, and so it is important to me that I am able to get some really high quality seeds for my start up.

I am going to make a three-stage grow room, so that I can have the seedlings in one area, another area for vegetative growth of the plants, and a final room for flowering. I think that is the best way to keep things set up. Or at least, from the reading I have done, it seems like it would be a good option. I am not really sure how much it is going to cost to get this grow room all set up. But I already know that the most expensive part of it is going to be to buy the lights for it. Of course, the lights are going to be the biggest cost going forward as well, because it is likely going to cost a lot of money to keep them on, in terms of my electricity bill.

But regardless of the costs, this is something that I am excited to do now that it is legal to do so where I live. I am just kind of in shock still that they actually legalized it, but it is something that needed to be done. I am hoping the plants will grow well.