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I always spend a lot of money on shipping because I ship my items in boxes. Looking for a cheaper alternative, I started using bubble envelopes, and the difference in cost has been quite noticeable. The envelopes had bubble wrap on the inside, so anything that I send will still be protected, which is much more than I can say about boxes. Usually when I send a box through shipping, I have to add my own cushioning, either by adding rolls of bubble wrap, using shipping paper, packing peanuts, or even in some instances, old newspaper.

There are some instances where I still need to use boxes, such as when I have an item that is too large to be shipped with an envelope, in which case I have no hesitations about using the box. For items that are small enough, an envelope is enough for me. The envelope comes in really handy for sending documents as well. I can think of many instances when I’ve received a document in the mail, and part of the document was ruined because somehow the envelope got wet in the rain. Bubble envelopes keep the documents inside from getting wet as well, so the only thing that could ruin the document inside is if something destroyed the entire envelope.

I have an uncle who lives in another state, and for his birthday I got him a universal remote control that he had been mentioning. He already had a remote, so it didn’t make sense to me for him to want a new remote, but he loved the features of the remote. I sent the remote to him in an envelope, and when it arrived at his home, he wasn’t expecting it. Once he opened the envelope, he was excited and started using the remote on his devices.

So I have been thinking about my Dad and the fact that he is going to keep getting older. Of course he is all about independent living and it is going to be a really big pain if it comes to be time that he has to live with any of us. He talks about how he was taking care of himself and his sister when he was just 14 years old, but of course that is not something that really matters now. It is important to him that he is on his own and not counting on other people. Of course like any one he has a limited amount of money. Continue reading

I have started to set up my new work shop this morning and I am going to have to figure out what the cost are going to run me to do what I need to do. I have a dust extraction system priced out right now and I am trying to work out how to best fit it in to the building. Of course the shop is 24 feet long and 15 feet wide and it is pretty much packed with machines when I have it all set up. The idea is going to be to set up one big dust removal system and hook it up to all of the stuff in a sequence. Continue reading

When my husband was offered a major promotion, it did mean that we would need to move to Cardiff. He suggested that I start looking online at different homes so we would be able to do this as quickly as possible. I did an online search and that is how I found Harry Harper estate agents. I had heard of them, but I had not ever needed their services before now. I went to their website, and I found the home that we now live in within minutes. I honestly didn’t think it would take too long to find something for our family, but it shocked me just how quick and easy it was.

I was able to look only at homes that were in the price range that we were looking at. I had the option of looking at properties for sale or rental properties also. Continue reading