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Some people try to set up a hedge fund on their own when they want to make it big in investing, but it’s always better to seek out the help of someone else who can do it if you don’t really have any idea what it takes to set up such a fund. I was too embarrassed to ask for help early on in my investment career and it almost cost me big time. I wanted to do it all on my own because I wanted to prove to everyone that I could be self sufficient and hang with all of the other investors. I quickly realized that the investment market wasn’t the place to try to be a solo act.

When I finally decided to get help, I turned to one of the best options for setting up the fund. There was a company whose specific purpose was to help people set up these funds. They showed me everything I needed to know and gave me the best information to help me with my investments. Continue reading

When my daughter told me that she was getting married, I was elated. My baby girl had finally grown up and found a partner for life to be happy with. But as the day itself grew near, I began thinking about how I needed a bit of a makeover due to being the mother of the bride. I needed to find a beauty salon in Bristol that could do an excellent job on a person like me who is older, overweight and sort of frumpy. I needed to look as good as I possibly could for my daughter on her wedding day. I wanted no part of embarrassing her by looking like a slob on that day.

I used to be pretty. I knew I was, and other people told me the same. Continue reading

I was really happy when my daughter told me she wanted to take lessons in horse riding. I had done the same when I was her age, and it was something that I really enjoyed. Though I have not been on a horse in many years, just talking about it brought back all of happy memories of when I used to ride. When her lessons started, she really excelled, and she told me she wanted to have her own horse a few months later. I told her we would start out smaller and look at equestrian clothing and accessories first, and then work our way up to the bigger purchases of a horse if she was still interested later on. Continue reading

I never thought I would get into the financial shape that I did. I also didn’t expect to get injured and lose my job, which is what caused my financial hardship. I understand why my boss couldn’t keep me on, since I was not able to do the work. It was hard to find a job that could replace the income though, because it was a really great job. Days turned into weeks, which turned into months, of being late on bills, and I knew that it was finally time to contact a Sacramento bankruptcy attorney to see what my options were.

I did not want to have to claim bankruptcy, but I also did not have the ability to pay anymore, through no fault of my own. Looking back, I shouldn’t have taken out so much credit, between a mortgage, credit cards and a car loan. However, I did not expect to lose my job. Continue reading

I was very nervous about moving to Scotland for a year to study in Edinburgh. I have only visited a few states here and had never been out of the country. I had only flown once, and that was just to another state only a few hours away by car. Now I was getting a passport and student visa and having to locate quality student flats in Edinburgh to rent. I could barely understand some of the people I spoke to on the phone, and I kept saying apartments instead of flats. It took about a dozen calls to get used to thick Scottish brogue I had encountered with some landlords. They were used to speaking to “foreigners” like me, and were more than friendly and accommodating.

The website for one of the landlords renting student flats in Edinburgh had places that I could afford. I was on a very limited budget, and my parents were afraid that I was going to starve or end up on the streets of Scotland unable to pay for everything. I was insistent about paying my own way, and my parents were insistent I take a credit card they got for me on their account in my name in case I got into trouble. My dad wanted me to take cash he had saved up. Mom wanted me to convert it into Traveler’s Checks. Continue reading

When I first opened my business I was a very optimistic person and I did not think that I would have any serious problems with theft, so long as I ran an honest business, gave people fair prices, and that sort of thing, and that I would not have any trouble along the way. Apparently that sort of thinking is more than a little bit naive though and so I am going to have to change my course. I need some protection for my business and I am looking at CCTV kits to help monitor the business and deter crime before it happens in the first place.

Of course, even if the camera fails to deter crime in some instances, it will still be useful in that it will help to gather evidence of said crime which can be used to catch the perpetrators, and maybe help reduce the risk of future incidents like that happening. Anyway, in order to make sure that my CCTV system is able to gather the best evidence possible, in the event of some sort of crime happening in my place of business, I would like to get a camera that captures video in HD. That way there is a lot more resolution in the picture and potentially important details will be easier to see.

I am going to try to look at some of my options and see how much different camera models and systems cost to purchase. I would really like to be able to get more than one camera for the business, but I think that one might have to do for now. Maybe i will just get one for now and see how it goes. Then if I decide that I still need another one, then I can do that at some later point.

Working for a real estate development company has been a dream come true. I followed my father into the business 15 years ago. He had always hoped that I would follow in his footsteps, and he was quite pleased and proud of me when I did. Right now, I have been flying around the world when we do property launches, and I just attended a new property launch in Singapore weeks ago.

The nice thing about Singapore is that I love it there. It is a wealthy state located in Asia. If you want to live in the lap of luxury, there are many places to do that. Residential growth is high there right now, as it has been for the last ten years. Many wealthy business people move there. This has allowed us to specialize in building luxury condos in high-rise buildings.

I frequently get to stay in the residences that we build. And the work that our employees do is impeccable. Continue reading

Years ago when I was in school to become a teacher I thought I would have one job with a university and work it until my retirement. Well, it did not quite turn out that way. There are temporary teaching jobs, jobs to teach a single course and those substitute positions to fill in for tenured staff that may be out on sick leave or something else. I found myself looking at the education job board about every two years until I finally found the job I really wanted to keep about six years into teaching full time.

Some jobs came right after another without me searching for them. I referred to them as teaching gigs since they were short term. Those were mostly substitute and temporary positions. Some were for teaching a single course for a single semester. Then I might stay at the school under a different contract to teach a different subject for another semester. I really wanted a position I could tenure at. Continue reading

I have decided that I am going to try my hand at growing some cannabis. It seems like it could be a good recreation and maybe I will really enjoy it. I have always enjoyed gardening and such, and so I do not see this as being any different. I am going to try to figure out where to get a good deal on some high quality cannabis seeds so that I can start growing soon. I do not want to skimp on the seeds, and so it is important to me that I am able to get some really high quality seeds for my start up.

I am going to make a three-stage grow room, so that I can have the seedlings in one area, another area for vegetative growth of the plants, and a final room for flowering. Continue reading

A friend of mine who is very knowledgeable in adult matters likes to talk about the different magic wand massager she uses. I had never used any before, and the only kind of self pleasure that I did was just some simple touching. My friend couldn’t believe that I hadn’t tried one before and suggested that I order one. She said a toy would really show me how to become aroused in a way that I never thought possible. Her philosophy is that what is the point of having a body if you can’t explore every inch of it.

I thought my friend was pretty dirty, but she was on to something. She helped me pick out a toy to use. Continue reading

Imagine your company makes two types of mobile phones. They are both made using one machine. The maintenance cost of the machine is $100 a month. How much should each type of phone share in the maintenance cost? To be “fair”, some will say that the cost should be shared 50%-50%. However, what if Phone A uses 90 hours of the machine, and Phone B uses only 10 hours of the machine? Should the cost still be shared 50%-50%? This is why I found my accountant through the contractor accountants directory – I had no idea what I was doing to balance my books.

In traditional “allocated” costing, the cost should still be shared 50%-50%. But using the concept of Activity Based Costing, it should probably be split 90%-10% because one phone type uses 90 hours of the machine monthly while the other phone type only uses 10 hours of the same machine. This method uses “amount of activity” as a basis for costing, and not simply “allocation” where accountants simplistically divide the costs equally. Of course, for any product or service, there are many more activities to consider, and not simply the use of one machine. Continue reading